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Mathilde Borcard

Mathilde is a somatic bodywork practitioner trained in anxiety and chronic pain reduction and coordinator of L’Estime. Her body-mind approach is taught through touch, body awareness, movement, breathing and both verbal and bodily communication. She is interested in what health means, in the board sense of the word, especially psycho-emotional and collective health. She does her best to be aware of the way hierarchy and inequalities affect our health, and how we can develop resilience through connection to who we are, self-care and transformation. She also questions health models based on expertise (expert / client) and strives to hold a therapeutic space where she partners with her client to know what healing and health mean for them.

To book a session (FR/EN) with Mathilde, contact or +32 485 390 911. Please specify in your mail that you would like to work with Mathilde.

Ariane Poisson

Ariane is a philosopher, writer, community organiser and somatic bodywork practitioner. Her interest in the body began during her studies, where she was introduced to philosophy of the body and embodiment theory through the work of Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Simone de Beauvoir, Iris Marion Young and Alia Al-Saji. She dipped her toe into the world of somatic bodywork at the 2018 edition Tact!L, a training in touch and massage given at L’Estime. Her passion lies the individual and collective healing that can bring about social transformation, liberation, justice and joy.

Currently, Ariane is studying the Pantarei Approach to become a certified bodywork practitioner. During her training, she is offering accessible sessions.

Book a session (FR/EN) in person or online or contact her by email at or by phone at +32 498 47 65 63.

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